Steamroll Your Way to Good Im*press*ions

Let’s play a game. I’m going to ask you a question, but first I’m going to tell you what your answer is. Ready? 

Your answer is…“No.”

What’s the question? The question is: do you have a steamer?

Was I right? If I wasn’t, congratulations! You’re way, way ahead of the curve. But if you’re like 99% of people*, not only do you not own a steamer, you may not even know what it is. I mean, you can probably guess, given the title of this post, but if you’ve never used a steamer, oh my goodness, you have no idea what you’re missing.

* this is a true fact 
Wrong kind of steamer (credit: Peter Drach CC By 2.0)

Wrong kind of steamer (credit: Peter Drach CC By 2.0)

We’re pretty confident you know what ironing is, and we’re even more confident that you don’t enjoy doing it. I mean, who likes it when if you don’t head out of the door right now, you’re going to be late for your big meeting, and--oh no!--your favorite dress shirt is wrinkled just a little too much! You fumble in your closet for the iron (I once dropped mine on my foot), gulp some coffee as it heats up, and furiously start to iron. Why does it take so long? Why did it just spit water on my shirt? Why won’t my sleeves line up evenly? Why is it still wrinkled? Ugh!

A steamer is going to

A steamer is a small, hand-held device that you fill with a small amount of water, plug into the wall, and wave gently around your garment. They start gushing steam within seconds, and the steam quickly and magically relaxes all of the wrinkles--including hard-to-reach places like those weird folds around your neck or the armholes. Even better, steamers are perfect for impossible to iron items like suit jackets and delicate silk tops. They also create a smooth, soft look that works so well, you’ll find yourself steaming your t-shirts because it’s just so fast and easy and makes you look that much better. (I may or may not steam my hats and underwear.)

Now, steamers aren’t perfect. They’re far more versatile than irons, but sometimes you need that starched, crisp appearance, such as when you’re wearing a tuxedo shirt. And you need to be sure not to steam so zealously that you tip it sideways and spill water from the reservoir on your clothes. And though the name should be obvious, it’s creating steam, not water vapor. It’s seriously hot, and will burn you if you steam the part of the clothing that you’re holding (use a hanger) or try to steam something that you’ve already put on.

At JAKE, we use a large, free-standing professional steamer, but that’s way more than you need. Buy one like the PureSteam portable steamer on Amazon when it’s on sale for only $30. (It’s worth the $80 list price, but why pay list when Amazon’s just going to put it on sale anyway?) It’s small enough that you should never, ever travel without it, and it’s powerful enough that you’ll never need another one. Have you ever tried hanging your clothes in the shower when you travel, in hopes that their appearance will improve? It never works, which is especially frustrating when a suitcase just turned your freshly-pressed suit into a wrinkled mess. Most of JAKE’s ready-to-wear clothes--Jake by JAKE--are dry-clean only, for example, so you’ll want a steamer on hand when you travel just to make sure they look as good as you do in them. Already have a steamer but don’t have any Jake by JAKE? We just launched a campaign to produce a second run, so visit Indiegogo and pick up all five of our easy pieces.

 Some of our easy pieces may cause a different kind of steam…

 Some of our easy pieces may cause a different kind of steam…