Give The Gift Of Custom

What do you get for the man or woman who has everything? How do you treat that special person in your life who not only has impeccable style, but also never fails to treat themselves to the very best?

STOP: Put down that catalogue, steer clear of the boutiques, and avoid Amazon. The answer this holiday season and into the new year is to give the gift of custom.

At Artful Gentleman we pride ourselves on not only giving the gift of fashion to every client who steps foot in our showroom, we also give them the gift of the custom experience. Being a Gentleman isn't just about what you wear; it's about the entire process of putting together a wardrobe, figuring out those signature details that will be important throughout your closet and knowing what look is right for your lifestyle. 

Does your someone want to show off those broad shoulders with an athletic cut, do they want to add some height with a narrower lapel? Maybe they're just the kind of person who loves getting to browse fabric swatches for wardrobe inspiration: If so, they'll only truly be happy in this world after a consultation with Jake at the Artful Gentleman showroom. Just like fashion is a part of everyone's daily life we believe the creative process should be equally a part of your wardrobe's life. Whether a client comes in with a million ideas of their own or needs a style mentor to guide them in developing their tastes to the height of sophistication we're here to work with YOU. This is not the type of learning you get when you buy off-the-rack. 

When you give the gift of custom you're giving much more than a suit: You're giving the gift of the wisdom of Artful Gentleman's unparalleled expertise.

Think of the face of your special someone on Christmas morning or Hanukkah evening when they see that AG gift certificate all wrapped in a shiny bow. Long after the tinsel is gone, the menorah put away and the New Year has popped its last champagne cork the smile your someone gets in that perfectly fitted, precisely portioned, 100 percent their own Artful Gentleman look will still be on their faces.

Now that the holidays have passed, it’s time to treat yourself. Bring in that loved one or treat yourself now with more than enough time to dress your gift recipient for winter party season. Opening the less exciting gifts everyone else gives will be all the more bearable if they're already appointed in their AG finest. 

How can you afford NOT to give the gift of custom with that in mind?