Spring Florals | Blocking

While the spring collections are being unveiled around the world this time of year and trend forecasters rush to predict the latest fashion news Artful Gentleman is pleased to show you a new take on an old favorite to bring that something extra to your 2015 wardrobe.

 Yes, fans: Artful Gentleman has made the leap into florals.

There's nothing better than a little sartorial flowering to renew your outlook for spring but here at AG our garden is not of the Tommy Bahama variety (shudder to think). Like only we can, we're bringing you the most sophisticated take on this timeless classic. Our floral jackets are not only rich and masculine in hue (the blue and burgundy options raised a collective gasp on the SUIT UP runway) but they also come with a hint of color-blocking to keep the look firmly grounded. And how about that print? English country gentleman, Provincial aristocrats and the salon dandy all came to mind the minute we laid our eyes on it. Sometimes a print just calls to you and we heard this one loud and clear. A print can be seen as a risk for some men but what's life without risk? Without risk there is no reward and trust us, the rewards these pieces bring are without measure. This is a "stop you on the street for a compliment" kind of jacket.

These looks are without a doubt the breakouts of our spring 2015. The crisp white background, the sleek, slim cut and then that BURST of print will make this your new favorite for day or evening. We all know how good James Bond looks in a resort white dinner jacket but imagine how great a fashion forward 007 like Daniel Craig would look in our navy on white print at the tables of Casino Royale? Garden luncheons, evening cocktail hours (hopefully illuminated by the light of paper lanterns) and everywhere in between are the perfect destination for this look. Speaking of destinations, there's a touch of exotic elegance to these pieces that recalls Noel Coward's Jamaica or Grahame Greene's Vietnam.

As we continue to roll out our vision for 2015 we're sure these jackets will stick in your mind: From the first sketches they haven't left ours. Here at Artful Gentleman we don't follow or try and predict what the fashion news will be for spring. An Artful Gentleman IS fashion news.