Be Your Own Superhero

Remember that favorite set of superhero pajamas you had as a kid? If you're like us, you lived in them until the Velcro cape was hanging on by a thread and the pants slowly started to become a pair of shorts. Maybe when you grew into a teen those pajamas were resurrected in the form of a mall bought t-shirt? It gave you a little connection to the comics and Saturday cartoons you loved as a kid but as an adult... It's a pretty underwhelming fashion statement. Aren't superheroes the first style icons most kids encounter? Think about those bold color statements, the always memorable emblems, the iconic symbols of justice those costumes signified to people everywhere. They deserve better than something from Hot Topic.  If you've always wanted to channel that super-sartorialism in your grown-up dressing look no further.

 Introducing the Artful Gentleman "Avengers" line of tuxedo shirts.

Chicer than anything you buy off the rack. More eye-grabbing than anything else in your closet.

 Look up in the sky! It's a Tom Ford, no, it's an Armani!


 It's no secret that AG has a passion for both comic books and the superheroes that populate them. What better way to pay homage to one of our favorite teams in the comic universe than with these bib-fronted formal shirts perfect for fall gala season. While all the other men at the big opening nights blend into the scenery like so many fashion by-standers you'll be the hero of the night daring to represent color, pattern and the American way.

The Avenger: Steel gray like the armor of your favorite iron clad billionaire or Norse God.

Panther: Take black tie a step further with the complimentary black on black shirt. As forward thinking as the superhero for which it's named.

Barton: One word for this Hawkeye inspired shirt: bullseye.

Rogers: You know how much we love pattern here at AG. This Steve Rogers/Captain America inspired pattern is elegant but pops with any suit. Must be the super soldier serum.

Mark IV: Color and pattern are one of our favorite secret weapons to enliven the classic penguin suit.

Midgard: By the hammer of Thor this plaid is one of our favorite looks for fall. Loki need not apply.

Maximoff: We love wearing this "scarlet" favorite with jeans and a jacket as much as pairing it with a tuxedo.

Vision: Be your own magic eye with this look. Or magic third eye, even.

You know you want to join this team: These are shirts so super even Bruce Banner would keep his temper in check to avoid "Hulking out" of such fine tailoring.