News From AG: The Artful Spirit of Collaboration

"San Francisco fashion?" You can hear the question in people's voice sometimes when the subject of the Bay Area design community comes up in conversation with outsiders. Our clients are certainly aware that these are not mutually exclusive words, no matter what may get reported about Norm Core or other chic-deficient examples of dressing in Northern California. From Herb Caen's impeccable suiting all the way back to the pioneering denim of the 1849 gold miners, San Francisco has long had a place of distinction in the world of menswear. Artful Gentleman is proud to be a part of this tradition of San Francisco style and we're equally proud to be part of an emerging community that provides us with amazing opportunities for collaboration with other local designers creating across the fashion spectrum.

Our recent in-house "Pop Up Shop," co-hosted by San Francisco stylist Jill Siefert, is a perfect example of the types of events we love to participate in that arise because of the creative spirit that exists within Bay Area fashion. In addition to her blog, "Let's Speak Chic" Jill is also the host of a pod cast, "On Style," that AG was recently featured on. Jill's event at AG headquarters included jewelry from Sasha Maks Vintage and womenswear by fellow Fashion Incubator San Francisco (FiSF) alumnus label Mansoor Scott, in addition to regularly featured in-house horn eyewear by Som Noir and womenswear by Sounthavong, also an FiSF alumna label. Among the guests that attended the Pop Up Shop were legendary San Francisco couturier Colleen Quen and San Francisco style icon Sonya Molodetskeya. Throughout the night guests shopped, chatted, gleefully tried on samples from the collections but most importantly, were introduced to San Francisco based companies who are proving that the city by the bay has more options for dressing chic and local then they previously could have imagined. Pieces from Mansoor Scott's collection remain at the AG showroom for your perusal and may we recommend some leather banded knitwear (a personal favorite of Jake's)?

It's no coincidence that among the fellow designers we work with, many of these are colleagues we met during our time in residence at FiSF. In addition to Bethany Scott Meuleners and Sabah Mansoor Husain of Mansoor Scott (FiSF class of 2012) and Tony Sananikone of Southnavong (FiSF class of 2012) AG has also previously worked with designer Michelle Byrnes (a fellow FiSF 2013 classmate) and recently presented at the 10th annual Fashion On The Square with current FiSF designer Stephanie Bodnar, whose Evgenia Lingerie was featured with one of our women's suits on the runway. Among the many things we learned in our year in-residence at FiSF is just how much visions benefit from the inclusion of other talented peers. When people refer to San Francisco fashion with that hint of skepticism in their tone they have no idea what they're missing. Don't wait until the next Pop Up Shop to find out: You know where to find us.


Speaking of collaborative visions, this if you missed the SUIT UP for EQUALITY on August 14th, 2014, we showcased our new fall and spring lines along with gowns by longtime friend, designer Cari Borja as well as designs from several other amazing designers.  We’re sorry if you missed the opportunity to experience the best of Bay Area fashion in one night (and meet many of the local players) but follow us on social media to see the new looks and collaborations.  Images courtesy of Kelly Puleio Photography. 

Left to right: Cari Borja of Cari Borja/Clothesmaker, Jake of Artful Gentleman, Stephanie Bodnar of Evgenia Lingerie, Tony Sananikone of Southnavong, and Bethany Scott of Mansoor Scott

Left to right: Cari Borja of Cari Borja/Clothesmaker, Jake of Artful Gentleman, Stephanie Bodnar of Evgenia Lingerie, Tony Sananikone of Southnavong, and Bethany Scott of Mansoor Scott