J.H. WILLIAMS III Artist Series Vest | Seasons Greetings

This piece was a simple creation that came from a surprising collaboration when J.H. Williams was nothing more than a client who had come in for a wedding suit. The two got to talking and J.H. was looking for something unique for the interior of his 25th Wedding Anniversary and vow renewal for his suit. Not finding anything that was “just right,” J.H. asked if he could design something original.


Seasons Greetings

As we head into the Holidays, it’s a good time to say THANK YOU!  We’re headed into an exciting time in 2014, we know it’s going to be a hell of a a GREAT year!   Just in time for the Holidays we’re also launching a few great suit and shirting combination packages at a nice value for the New Year.  Check them out in our Square Marketplace Shop.