Button Up Your Overcoat This Winter

For the people who say San Francisco doesn't have any seasons we beg to differ. That first true hint of fall crispness is just around the corner which means that the wind, fog and bone-chilling Pacific cold of December isn't far behind it. In fashion terminology, San Francisco is an outerwear market. We spend far more of the year in a coat than we do out of it so your best investment is always a chic top-layer to keep you insulated against the elements. With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to your new best friend.

Meet "Fozzy*," one of the many options available at AG in the overcoat department. Yes, when you think Artful Gentleman your immediate association is suiting but don't forget, we pride ourselves on dressing the whole man. Fozzy, so nicknamed for his Muppety soft, cuddle-worthy texture, was recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle's fall men's fashion issue and has a special story behind his design.

A few months back Artful Gentleman's friends and mentors at the Fashion Incubator San Francisco, Jeanne Allen and Marc Foster Grant, came across a treasure trove of custom fabric from their legendary Jeanne-Marc line from the 1980's. When Fozzy's golden beige corduroy was unpacked it was love at first sight. Then we touched the incredibly rich, velvety-plush fabric and fell a little in lust. We wanted to live in this corduroy: Upholster our houses, construct every garment and make our beds from this heaven-sent cloud fluff. Once we came to our senses we asked what piece of clothing San Franciscans rely on the most. Spring, Summer and especially Fall and Winter those of us in the City by the Bay never put away our coats; it was obvious that was the best way you could enjoy the warmth and coziness of Fozzy all year round.

Throw Fozzy on over jeans and a custom shirt for a quick jaunt on a nippy day, or, pair Fozzy with your favorite Artful Gentleman suit. This fall, you get extra credit for extra texture so how about wearing Fozzy over your own full corduroy ensemble which we promise, is devastatingly on target this season. As extreme winters barter us across the globe your only choice is to bundle up: Why not do it in an artful style?

The next cold day before throwing on that same tired fleece or a too thin trench that's seen better days stop by the showroom to meet Fozzy or any or his other coat friends that are "hanging around" (Waka, Waka!) just waiting to be ordered and custom made especially for you.   

*available in a very limited run while fabric lasts

Winter is coming, don't get left in the cold.  There are plenty of Corduroy, Denim, Wool, and Cotton fabrics to select and design a perfect Overcoat for you!