It's About the Community | AG Gives Back

Every business, whether it's a bookstore, grocer or, in our case, clothier, is a reflection of the community it calls home. It's important to us that we be part of the ongoing changes in our community here in the Bay Area for the positive. Perpetuating equality, giving back to the next generation, and helping keep San Francisco's fashion community vibrant are very high on Artful Gentleman's list of priorities. Impeccable wardrobes are no good without a beautiful world to wear them in. 

HRC: An Artful Gentleman is always pro-equality

On that subject, if you're looking for an event to debut some new evening additions at this coming Saturday Artful Gentleman will be participating in the annual Human Rights Campaign Gala at San Francisco's historic Saint Francis Hotel. It's AG's second year as a partner at the event (which we helped kick-off with this year's SUIT UP) and we relish having another opportunity to show our support for the LGBT community. Not only is there still time to buy a ticket (or a table if you have a lot of friends) our special edition HRC printed accessories are waiting in the showroom to help you show your support for the rights of all people to love, live and pursue happiness.

Last year's gala brought "Orange is the New Black" star Laura Prepon to San Francisco as well as a surprise appearance by pioneering out NBA player Jason Collins. Maybe this year the surprise appearance will be made by you: If you're looking for a new bow tie that literally says "equality" all over we know a guy who can hook you up.

FiSF: From Designers-in-Residence to the Advisory Board

As many of you already know Artful Gentleman spent a year as designers-in-residence at the Fashion Incubator San Francisco (FiSF) during 2013. To say that the program, a highly intensive twelve months of master classes, mentoring and strategizing with luminaries of international fashion, changed Artful Gentleman as a business is an understatement. Our time at FiSF changed us as citizens of our industry and the friendship and guidance of the professionals we met there continues to touch us today. 

FiSF is currently helping its third class of DIR's clarify their visions, create business plans and realize their brand ambitions and they're doing it with Artful Gentleman's help. Upon graduating as a DIR, Jake took a seat on the Incubator's advisory board so AG would have an opportunity to pay forward the FiSF experience. The Fashion Incubator is about much more than helping individual designers accomplish their goals: Through its public programing, workshops and co-hosted parties throughout the year the Incubator has been part of creating a real fashion community in the Bay Area where aspiring fashionistas of all ages and in all stages of their careers can meet and connect with one another. As the Incubator continues to expand and seek applicants from all over the world we're proud to not only have a seat in the steering of this fantastic not-for-profit organization, but also to be a part of the shaping of the Bay Area's fashion culture in these exciting times.

Working hands on with the next generation at FIDM

When Jake isn't in the showroom or leading committee meetings at FiSF he can be found at San Francisco's Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing where he is currently an adjunct professor. For the past five months Jake has been teaching the core curriculum class "The business of fashion," a course designed by Jake to expose students to the realities behind the glamorous depictions of what it's like to be in the fast-paced world of fashion. 

"Having an opportunity to share some of what I've learned in the past few years in business is important for me," Jake explained of role at FIDM. "By the time I'm done with these students they have a much clearer idea of the everyday challenges in this career. My job is to give them the skills they will need to meet those challenges head on."

Of course, like everything Jake does he teaches with style. In the highly competitive faculty dressing world of FIDM Jake already has a reputation as one of the best dressed professors on campus.

The measure of a man's personal style contains many elements. Yes, what he wears is a big part of that but the places that wardrobe goes is even more important. Apathy is never on trend; service to others and your community is perennially chic.