Absinthe V-Neck Cashmere Sweater w/ Ultrasuede

Absinthe V-Neck Cashmere Sweater w/ Ultrasuede


It’s the little details that elevate the ordinary to the sublime. Take the Hypernova Absinthe V-Neck Cashmere + Waffled Ultrasuede Women’s Sweater, for example. The ultra-luxury cashmere and the surprisingly surprising waffled detailing make a statement that uncovering excellency isn’t your goal, but just where you begin. Designed and finished in San Francisco, this sweater has a tailored, modern cut with a trim fit

Includes:  Cashmere + Ultrasuede LS Sweater

Fit: Modern Classic Slim Signature Fit

Colors: Absinthe Green

Pattern: Solid Textured

Fabric: 100% Italian Cashmere; 100% ultrasuede details

Care: Hand Wash OR Dry clean only

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