Premium "Petting Zoo" T-Shirt

Premium "Petting Zoo" T-Shirt


“Every zoo is a petting zoo if you are confident enough."

Remember the first time you did something a little transgressive? How intoxicating was the rush from realizing that the forbidden was actually permitted, so long as you were enthusiastic enough to say yes to yourself? We’re not going to promise you the moon here--it’s just a t-shirt. But we’re quite confident that you’ll be confident enough to figure out all the right wrong things. The JAKE t-shirt has a slimming cut, and is constructed out of a durable 100% premium cotton that is thin enough to feel great against your skin, yet will last longer than most t-shirts. The heather blue fabric has a subtle texture to its weave, and the letters are white with a red accent. Pants not included. Designed in San Francisco, the t-shirt includes:

Fit: Slimming fit with moderate v-neck

Pattern: None

Colors: Heather blue with white printed letters and red accent

Fabric: 100% premium cotton

Care: Machine wash

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